Preserving the Legacy

The Audio, Video and Document Libary

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"An Introduction to The Harold M. Schulweis Institute Library" and a Personal Message to you from Rabbi Schulweis

The Schulweis Institute Library project has resulted in the world's largest collection of Rabbi Schulweis' material legacy -- an online library containing over 750 digital audio and video recordings of his sermons, lectures, classes, interviews, and award ceremonies, and a large collection of digitized readable copies of his sermons, poetry, monographs and published and unpublished articles and manuscripts. Building the on-line library is an on-going effort of the Institute as more recordings are found and digitally processed, making Rabbi Schulweis' scholarly legacy available worldwide at:

The Schulweis Institute Library also houses his book library collected over 50 years of rabbinic life.

Extending the Legacy

Inreach & Outreach Advocacy

Rabbi Schulweis has taught that Judaism is simultaneously personal, communal and global—with a mission of Tikkun Olam, repair of the world. The Schulweis Institute sponsors programs and social actions that reach the individual through the Healing Center and the VBS College of Jewish Studies, go beyond the synagogue to the community’s poor and hungry though the Chesed connection, and globally extend Rabbi Schulweis’s legacy through Jewish World Watch to actively address the crises in Darfur and the Congo. The Institute funds Jewish educational programs by enabling the pioneering use of tablet PC’s for student learning, instruments for Day School students, and the training of young Jewish social advocacy leaders in college communities.

Enhancing the Legacy

The Creative Arts Program

Rabbi Schulweis has always been deeply committed to the place of the arts in Jewish life, and most particularly, in the life of the synagogue. He has taught us that creative art is meant to arrest our attention, to remind us that there is more to life than surface appearances. Quoting Rabbi Schulweis, "Art respects the emotional life of the individual so that we may reflect upon life values and stop the mechanical flow of events, the impersonality of calendrical chronology and the rote of observances." The Creative Arts program encourages artists in all disciplines to share their gifts with the synagogue community. Composers, musicians, photographers, dramatists, authors and painters have been sponsored by the Schulweis Institute to deepen and share their visions and creations with the synagogue and to "cause us to call attention to the significant merger of our private and communal lives to remind us that we are more than atoms and molecules. We are the light and language of God."

News & Press

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Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat with Guest Scholar Rabbi Avi Weiss

Friday, December 16 and Saturday, December 17, 2016 ORTHODOX’S LEADING ACTIVIST AND LEADER OF THE MODERN ORTHODOX COMMUNITY Let the old be made new; and the new be made holy


A newly found previously unpublished book written by Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis — A SCHULWEIS INSTITUTE LIBRARY EXCLUSIVE!!

When You’re Older You’ll Understand — Rekindling the Religious Questions of Our Youth by Rabbi Harold. M. Schulweis This online book has been composed from a previously undiscovered and undated manuscript written by Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis.   It seemed appropriate, no, obligatory, that we bring this important  work to see the light of day so…

JCCC, Performance at JWW 2

Share the Continuing Successes of the Concerts of the Jewish Community Children’s Choir

Click on the photo to watch a video of the choir’s performance at the Ford Amphitheatre — and continue to follow our growth by attending future scheduled concerts and coming here at

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